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Let’s be honest, I’m totally taking advantage of the lighting.
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Back day, feeling stronger with each lift. :)
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"If I ain’t the greatest then I’m headed for it."

Girl crush

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I just love funny shirts; workout, pajama, going out.
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If I make this face does it make it my biceps bigger? Forever trying to make it seem like I actually lift.
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Posting so I don’t lose

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No longer the weak one of the family :):)

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I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t choose every single day to love myself. I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have without choosing to love my body no matter what it looks like, no matter what it feels like, how bloated my tummy is, how flat I think my booty is, etc. I could look at these images or look in the mirror and find countless flaws, but I’ll love every single one of them. I’m still learning how to treat my body right, I still struggle some days, but choosing self love completely changed my life. 

I’m proud of my progress and how far I’ve come physically & mentally. I refuse to be anything but happy.

(my mirror is dirty oops)


I guess I have made some gains over the last year.

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I woke up like this.

- Husband wanted to show me what he saw.
— Yes I’m laying on a bare mattress.
—- Yes that’s a bruise from touch and go snatches.
—— Abs.

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2 hour leg day and my buns are toasttttttt. 🍞 stretching and rollllling hoping I’m not TOO sore later. 😋 Happy Thursday!


This is my body. I have hips, big thighs, and a butt. I have stretch marks and cellulite. I used to hate the way my body looked. No matter how much weight I lost or how skinny I was. I was never happy with myself. I went through periods of eating dangerously low amounts of calories a day, to struggling with a binge eating disorder. Lifting is what has finally made me start becoming happy with myself and my body. I love the way I feel. I love challenging my body every day. I love watching myself get stronger. I am finally coming to a place where I love myself.

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Left: didn’t even realize I had an eating disorder, even when I was consuming under 600 calories a day, and running every single day.

Right: I’m treating my body the way it deserves to be treated.

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